Success Stories

“Access Cruise’s stature and relationships in the cruising industry certainly put us face to face with the people empowered to do business.”

— Rui Calapez, GM Buzz Portugal


OPENING WATERTIGHT DOORS – As a small business, specializing in Shore Excursions, Buzz Portugal couldn’t get the attention of European cruise lines. After endless attempts, they decided to stop trying to pry open the doors alone and use the experience and connections of Access Cruise. Quickly, several doors opened and new opportunities flourished. Read more.

DRIVING GROWTH – After 25 years as “antenna experts,” Digital Video Systems wanted to expand its product offerings, but were plagued with the difficult question of, “Where to start?” Partnering with Access Cruise resulted in an incredible success story. Read more.

FINESSING THE VISION – After nine months of phone calls and emails, an ambitious tour operator with a great product idea was no farther along in his business model than when he started. He needed to take his idea to a viable product offering. Today, Funtastic Tours is generating revenue on the pier. Here’s how we were able to help accomplish the dream. Read more.

“Access is a just a small part of the services provided by Access Cruise. When you are working with Access Cruise you have added a critical team member to your management team that can not only open doors but can help in product positioning, pricing, competitive analysis, and most importantly the process the cruise lines use to evaluate and select new vendors or services.”

— Chuck Sackermann, Owner & President of Digital Video Systems