With Access Cruise at the helm, you are headed in the right direction. Our multiple years of both shore side and shipboard experience in a variety of roles, gives us a unique vantage point into the industry. Here’s how we can help bring your vision to port.

Our strategy is simple, build meaningful relationships to make an impact in the industry. Access Cruise has an extensive network of industry stakeholders. We personally introduce our clients to relevant decision makers, fostering long-term, lucrative partnerships, built on trust and respect.

Making introductions is only half the battle! Once we open the door, we also ensure your message resonates, speaking the industry lingo while maintaining your brand integrity. Together, we will build a strategy to land the deal and attract new business. Access Cruise has an exceptional track record identifying obstacles and overcoming barriers to successfully execute a custom plan for success.

We won’t stop there! Businesses are meant to grow and we want yours to flourish year over year. After we launch your initial idea, we will move into the expansion phase, focusing on cross-sales and new offerings. This is not a one hit wonder!

“I have seen firsthand, every year at the Cruise Shipping Miami conference, Shannon’s professionalism, her ingenuity and creativity, her energy, and most importantly, her patience and perseverance, while interacting with major cruise line executives and decision makers. I do not believe that there is a better person on this planet that can represent HTA and succeed in bringing more ships back to the State of Hawaii.”

— Linda Zabolski C.E.O./Owner, Captain Zodiac, Kona, HI