Consider Access Cruise a part of your team! We are an extension of your talents and an addition to your expertise. We leverage our knowledge of the industry and take a collaborative approach to showcase your offering to key decision makers in cruising.

With a plethora of diverse destinations around the world it can be difficult to put your port on the map. Access Cruise has a proven track record of doing just that – showcasing hidden gems and generating enthusiasm for new cruise itineraries.  We create enticing tour offerings, develop port amenities and design custom communications to boost tourism at your port of call.

It is not just the sheer number of years in the industry, both on and off the ship, that has given Access Cruise the advantage, but our knack for building meaningful relationships across the many avenues of cruising.  We understand the importance of continuing to foster relationships throughout the industry to ensure we are in the best position to lobby for our clients.  After all, it’s not just who you know, but the relationship you’ve built and the reputation you hold. Our custom strategies deliver results!

Communication is key and we have mastered all forms!  Our talented marketing gurus speak the cruise language, building cross-media custom campaigns tailored to fit your needs. We ensure your message resonates with decision makers and consumers, while maintaining the integrity of your brand. Regardless of the avenue, we instill confidence and integrity while driving results.

In today’s market, visual communication is just as important as the written word.  Our talented team has developed a wide array of videos for leaders across the industry.  From a series of company training films to guest safety videos, promotional pieces showcasing products and experiences to destination footage, our capabilities are endless. Let our actions speak on our behalf (and yours)! Check out a sample of our work from the 2017 Hawaii Executive Cruise Summit.

Whether you have a cruise line concept, or a fleet of ships in need of finishing touches, Access Cruise can help.  We provide personnel training, on-board sales offerings, technology solutions, alternative revenue streams, shore excursions and human resources and recruiting consultation. We can fill in the gaps to grow your business. We’ll do the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy the benefits!

Product quality and consistency is the key to success in an industry dense with product offerings. We provide an independent audit of your tour product, complete with a full report covering guest satisfaction, safety, areas of improvement and cost-saving opportunities.

With ports around the globe jockeying for itinerary inclusion, showcasing your destination to decision-makers in the industry is an excellent opportunity to ensure your port is not overlooked. We have extensive experience planning and hosting an unforgettable trip with most influential cruise line executives in attendance.

“Explaining a beginning with a consultant request to assist in developing shore side activities for our new destination and ending with a high value full partner, can be described with simple words: commitment, capability, knowledge, resourcefulness, integrity, energy, and undying loyalty. This is how Shannon McKee and Access Cruise became and remain valued partners in our new Caribbean Destination, Banana Coast. Their contributions far exceed their shareholder commitments without regard for direct benefit or immediate reward. Truly a partner who delivers consistent results with extensive industry contacts that display the same attributes in return to her and her company.”

— Randy Jorgensen, Port Owner, Banana Coast Honduras