We’re Not Just the “Antenna Guys”… (Insert your challenge)

After 25 years in the industry as “Antenna Experts,” Digital Video Systems wanted to expand its product offerings.  The question was:  “How do we get our message out and where do we start?”

The client: Digital Video Systems

The issue: Digital Video Systems had worked in the cruise industry for over 20 years.  They were known as the “Antenna Guys.”  In 2008, they were purchased by CSC Management which had a broader range of products, but no background in the cruise industry.  They need to build up their relationships from the “Antenna Guys” to a full service provider.

The process: Digital Video Systems had a reputation already in the industry with some well established relationships.  We needed to educate our current clientele and then request introductions and endorsements into other departments within each line.  Here’s how it was done.

    • Established a Sales Presentation to communicate the changes that had taken place between 2008 & 2011
    • Introduced new product offerings to current clientele
    • Identified business owners in each cruise line for each product offering
    • Leveraged existing relationships to get introductory face to face meetings
    • Continue to communicate changes and updates to the companies’ profiles

Yes.  It’s seems simple enough, but we didn’t always have smooth sailing.  There had been a lot of disruption after the purchase of DVS.  Upon our arrival, we found there were obstacles to remove, relationships to repair and communications to strengthen.   They had multiple marine engineers, but no one on the sales side that could talk the cruise executive’s language.  What started as a 6 month engagement to make introductions and train a marine sales specialist developed into an ongoing agreement to represent the DVS product.  The result was that DVS needed a Marine Sales Specialist.

Antennas, teleports and bandwidth weren’t our specialty when DVS and Access Cruise first started working together.  The product had to be learned and when making sales calls we make sure to take an engineer with us.  Our specialty is to understand what makes a cruise executive tick.  What does it take to generate their interest?   I’ll say it again.  It’s a partnership between Access Cruise and you.  You know your business.  We know the cruise business.

The outcome: Digital Video Systems won a few dry-dock contracts almost immediately with Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean.  They now have a consistent stream of new opportunities.  Access Cruise has been able to open the doors for new product opportunities in multiple areas.  The marine engineers continue to promote and sell the antennas directly.  Access Cruise promotes new product lines and gets them in front of the “RIGHT” cruise executives.

Chuck Sackermann, Owner & President of Digital Video Systems

“Access is a just a small part of the services provided by Access Cruise. When you are working with Access Cruise you have added a critical team member to your management team that can not only open doors but can help in product positioning, pricing, competitive analysis, and most importantly the process the cruise lines use to evaluate and select new vendors or services. “