Puja Motiani has worked in the Travel Industry for more than 15 years. After studying Hospitality Management, she started her career at a Travel Agency, which set the groundwork for her love and passion for destinations around the world.

Her role in Product Development at Norwegian Cruise Lines was the true deep dive into exotic locations, also working on Ground and Tour programs for Orient Lines and NCL. Puja’s work with over 120 destinations has allowed her to effectively partner with Hotels, Ground and Tour Operators worldwide.  In 2012, Puja brought her experience and knowledge of tours, hotel and ground services to the Access Cruise team.

Having an Indian origin, Jamaican hometown, and now a current Miami resident, Puja is a diverse and well-rounded International Citizen, perfectly situated to work in the Cruise Industry. Her love of the world, various cultures and destinations makes her an exceptional asset to our global community.