Trends that Impact the Cruise Industry

Trends that Impact the Cruise Industry The world is ever changing with a variety of impacts on every industry, and the cruise industry in no exception.  There are many worldwide trends that affect the way an industry can grow, how an industry does business, and what...

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Voluntourism in the Cruise Industry

Voluntourism in the Cruise Industry Most people go on a cruise to explore the world, but a growing number of passengers are setting off with different intentions: “to immerse themselves in the destination and to connect with its people in a more meaningful way”....

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Newbuild Series: Russians Eye Expedition Cruising

Newbuild Series: Russians Eye Expedition Cruising United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) the largest shipbuilding company in St. Petersburg, Russia  has taken notice of the expedition boom and wants a piece of the pie. According to vice president, Dmitry Kolodyazny,...

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The Cruise Industry Gives Back

The Cruise Industry Continues to Give Back Charity is a big part of the Cruise Industry and Cruise Lines exist in a broader world which includes their home ports and the areas where their ships are deployed. It’s because of this reach that charity has long been a big...

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2019 Cruise Industry Trends to Watch

2019 Cruise Industry Trends to Watch The evolution of the cruise industry has been remarkable. In the 60+ years since the first ship sailed from Miami to the Caribbean, the industry has reinvented itself to meet the demands of a variety of markets.  Today’s cruises...

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Energy Efficiency Cruise Trends

Energy Efficiency Cruise Ship Trends The Cruise Industry is a global citizen and with that comes a global responsibility. This responsibility is being taken seriously and there are big plans in motion. Until the major upgrades can be made, cruise lines are taking...

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“Shannon was also instrumental in assisting our company to expand into a new port of operation, Ketchikan. Prior to 2003, we only conducted tours in the SE Alaska ports of Juneau and Sitka. She worked with us to identify the best local tour businesses to partner with, to facilitate our entry into the community, and she helped us to develop a tour product that would be attractive to visitors to Ketchikan. The successful launch of our Best of Ketchikan by Land & Sea tour enabled us to establish the foot-hold we needed to move ahead in developing the other tour programs we now operate in this very busy port.”

— John Dunlap, Vice President, Allen Marine Tours