Fire and Ice

I’m from Florida, so what I know about volcanos comes from the news.  When they’re not active, they’re referred to as “dormant,” and when they wake up, look out.  And if they wake up angry, better get out of the way because all that lava and dust and churned up mess...

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Norwegian calls at Banana Coast

Banana Coast welcomed its first large cruise ship on 15 October as Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Jewel arrived in the Bay of Trujillo with more than 2,200 guests. The visit marked the official opening of the first mainland cruise port in Honduras and was...

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How “Fit” is your Destination for Cruise Ships?

Learning to Provide Cruise Lines Exactly What They Want Anyone that has been around the cruise shipping business knows that cruise lines love a destination that is organized, ready-to-go, and that provides great guest satisfaction from Day One.  But, how can...

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Owners Beware

Do you own your own company? Do you work with the cruise lines? Do you have key operational employees that are your company’s link to the cruise lines? If you answered “yes,” then this warning is for you. Over the last year, I have seen several shifts in cruise...

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Opening doors for an emerging Croatian destination

After drawing a smattering of cruise ships over the years, Croatia's Rijeka is stepping up its game with a US marketing representative, a June road show to cruise lines in Florida, California and Seattle that will head to the UK next week, and a major waterfront...

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“Shannon was also instrumental in assisting our company to expand into a new port of operation, Ketchikan. Prior to 2003, we only Save & Exit conducted tours in the SE Alaska ports of Juneau and Sitka. She worked with us to identify the best local tour businesses to partner with, to facilitate our entry into the community, and she helped us to develop a tour product that would be attractive to visitors to Ketchikan. The successful launch of our Best of Ketchikan by Land & Sea tour enabled us to establish the foot-hold we needed to move ahead in developing the other tour programs we now operate in this very busy port.”

— John Dunlap, Vice President, Allen Marine Tours