New Royal Caribbean Digs

NEW ROYAL CARIBBEAN DIGS SASSY, CLASSY AND SMART If you’ve ever been to the Royal Caribbean offices at Port Miami, you know there are 2 buildings on the campus.  What you might not know is that one of the buildings and its outer walkway area is in the shape of the...

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A Look Into New Ship Building Methods

A Look into New Ship Building Methods We have often found ourselves pondering the question “what goes into building a cruise ship?” So, we decided to find out for ourselves how the world’s major cruise liners are designed and built. Building cruise ships is a massive...

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Virgin Voyages Goes Green: Tree and Plastic Free

Virgin Voyages Goes Green: Tree and Plastic Free Sir Richard Branson has always been up for a challenge and protecting the planet is no different. Virgin Voyages has announced two eco-friendly partnerships focusing on responsibly sourced and sustainable products...

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Cruise Industry Goal: 40 Million Passengers by 2027

Cruise Industry Goal: 40 Million Passengers by 2027 The global cruise line industry will host an estimated 30 million passengers in 2019, a first-time milestone breakthrough, and  by the looks of it there will be no slowdown in the industry.   The cruise industry is...

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Fourteen New Cruise Lines Entering Service

Fourteen New Cruise Lines Entering Service If you’ve read our blogs (you have read our blogs…right?) you know we’ve talked about the number of new ships being built.  At last count, more than 120 new ships are scheduled to enter service in the next 10 years, and the...

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“Shannon was also instrumental in assisting our company to expand into a new port of operation, Ketchikan. Prior to 2003, we only conducted tours in the SE Alaska ports of Juneau and Sitka. She worked with us to identify the best local tour businesses to partner with, to facilitate our entry into the community, and she helped us to develop a tour product that would be attractive to visitors to Ketchikan. The successful launch of our Best of Ketchikan by Land & Sea tour enabled us to establish the foot-hold we needed to move ahead in developing the other tour programs we now operate in this very busy port.”

— John Dunlap, Vice President, Allen Marine Tours